маскот для крипто канала
Придумать и нарисовать персонажа для канала с любовью к каждой линии

Честный отзыв клиента
  • Rita Salib,
    Head of Brand, CGU
    Anton delivers exceptional work on all our projects. He has taken the time to have a solid understanding of what our brand represents, how we should visually communicate and creates designs that reflect our message.

    Anton is reliable and delivers works in a timely manner, which is extremely important in the fast-paced world of social media in Web3.

    Anton is consistency coming up with fresh ideas that are unique and on-brand whilst often pushing the boundaries to create designs that stand out from the crowd. He is confident in his skills and design expertise and will speak up if he thinks something could be improved or waivers off our brand design guidelines. He is an asset to our company.
Антон Филонов